About Creager Services 

Industry Leading Expertise in the Bartlesville, OK Area

We at Creager Services are proud to offer our wonderful customers the top quality and value in commercial landscaping and lawn care services in the Northeast Oklahoma area.


From lawn maintenance to snow removal services, our company is making your life easier for you and your business property to look professional and more inviting. 

Are you a business or an organization looking to keep your property looking its best at all times? Or are you looking to upgrade your premises to reflect the quality, image and personality of your business? Whatever you are looking for, you can trust Creager Services to get the job done right!

The Services we offer to our Customers:

Kerry & Justyna Creager

         Annual Services: 

Mowing, Edging & Trimming

Leaf Removal

Weeding of Beds

Shrub & Tree Maintenance


Garbage/Clutter Clearance

Sprinkler Start Up & Shut Down

Snow Removal

Vacant Lot / Field Care

      Seasonal Services: 

Pay by the Mow

Cleaning beds


Planting/Beautifying landscapes 


Weed Control 

 Creager Services, LLC   dba C&J Lawn Patrol 
(918) 397-7077    
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