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Double Down Deer Feed

Maximizing Your Deer's Antlers And Bodies!

  • Custom Components Are The Cornerstone Of Double Down® Deer Feed, There Is More Than Just A Tag On A Bag.

  • Contains ZERO Least Cost Rations AND ZERO Grain By-Products!

  • Includes A Quality Yeast Culture To Aid In Digestion And Support  A Healthy Rumen.

  • Double Down® Contains One Of The Highest Pelletized TDN  (Total Digestible Nutrients) Levels On The Deer Feed Market Today!

  • Double Down® Was Developed With Proven Attractants To Draw Deer In And Boost Overall Consumption.


  • Double Down® Deer Feed Custom Mineral - $19.99/8 LB BAG ​​ or  $99.99/50 LB BAG

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